The FMs

The FMs

NYC high school friends Matte Namer (vox, guitar, bass, synths) and Frankie Rex (vox, guitar) began The FMs in 2016, thematically finding common ground with their respective journeys coming out as transgender, and sonically relating to their love of synthesizer rock.

In 2022, Frankie Rex passed away from a fentanyl overdose culminating a six year journey which saw The FMs record three full length LPs (two of which are being released posthumously), and create an entire community around their illegal SVBVERT shows on an old ferry boat in the industrial canals of Bushwick, Brooklyn where they also recorded their Machinacene Epoch (2017) & PINK + BLACK LPs. 

The FMs have a traditional approach to the creation of albums, believing that each release should have its own identity and be a standalone sonic statement. Their debut LP Machinacene Epoch, produced by Namer, was an irreverent mix of 90s psychedelic-industrial grunge and dance pop. From this jumping off point, The FMs music gradually moved in a softer more ethereal direction and the content became more personal. Their sophomore double LP (PINK + BLACK) was produced by Namer between 2017-2020 with her spending over 2000 hours on the recording in their underwater studio tinkering with her analog synths. PINK + BLACK is a sonic odyssey pulling from early synth pioneers such as Brian Eno, Kraftwerk, Gary Numan & Pink Floyd but is grounded in the songwriting and edge of 90s rock bands a la Nirvana.

After the death of Frankie Rex in 2022, Namer reformed The FMs in 2024 with a new lineup of trans-musicians recording and performing all new material inspired by lo-fi dream pop, classic disco, new wave and post punk. 

This spring The FMs will celebrate the release of PINK + BLACK with a record release show and the first-ever FrankieFest, a tribute to Frankie Rex. Further details will be revealed shortly.