At a time when COVID-19 has deprived so many musical artists of vital streams of income, the Invasion Group is unveiling Invasion Merch, a new full-service merchandising company tailor-made for the special needs of the indie artist community.

DIY IS IN OUR DNA tells the story of the company in a single slogan.

Since 1983, Invasion has been a boutique management company surfing the monumental changes of the industry with a music-first ethos that has made this collective of like-minded people a home for artists like Ani DiFranco. With the very survival of so many talented indie artists now in question, the new company has been conceived to provide them with everything they need to succeed, from strategizing, designing and manufacturing to storing and selling, helping these artists to “Do It Yourself” as a means of owning, maintaining and monetizing their art.

This “one stop indie shop” will function as both a front and back office, offering infrastructure and management expertise to facilitate the growth of business opportunities and revenues, whether it entails Digital distribution to streaming outlets, the distribution of hard goods to retail outlets, or shipping for direct-to-fan sales. In addition to business management, through its industry partners, the company will be able to provide services like publishing administration, synchs, design, publicity and radio promotion--all of which makes it an attractive option for managers and attorneys, as well as songwriters and musicians.

With thirty-five years of experience under their belts, Invasion founders Peter Casperson and Steven Saporta have been able to build a company that combines old school creative values and practicality with cutting edge technology and marketing. As Saporta puts it, “We consider ourselves enablers and talent catalysts. It’s the art that makes the money, so first and foremost we’ve always been about the artist.” They call their business approach “Fine Tuned Reality”: customizing a plan for the special needs of each artist at any stage of career. Adds Casperson, “Our intention is to make Invasion Merch a go-to option for all of those talented artists out there with engaged audiences, struggling to stay afloat and keep making music in an uncertain world of shut down concert venues and closed retail outlets—at a time when music is more important than ever.”

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