Happy The Man

Born out of the intensely creative and artistic art rock and fusion movements of the 1970s, Happy The Man is known as one of the most legendary progressive rock bands. Although they only released 2 official albums before breaking up, their strong durably endeared the group to a cult following that continues to grow. HTM's music continues to demonstrate a timeless quality - music ahead of its time and beyond this world.

25 years after parting ways, Happy The Man returns with a new album, The Muse Awakens, ready to thrill their devoted fans worldwide. True to their unique sound, The Muse Awakens is characterized by strong compositions with varying mood and intensity, combined creatively with their quirky interplay of rhythms, melodies and lush atmospheric textures. Band members: Stanley Whitaker (Guitar) Rick Kennell (Bass) Frank Wyatt (keyboards, saxes, flute) Kit Watkins (keyboards) then David Rosenthal (Billy Joel, Rainbow, Robert Palmer, Steve Vai) Mike Beck (drums)
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